Physical Therapy (PT)

My insurance plan isn't listed as in-network. How can I go about submitting treatment to my insurance company and what does this mean? 

Following treatment you will have the option to print your superbill from your patient portal to provide to your insurance provider in order to request reimbursement. Reimbursement will depend on your out-of-network benefits and deductible so please reach out to your specific plan to learn more. Depending on your plan, you may be eligible to receive reimbusement to cover a portion of the services. 

My insurance plan is out-of network. Do I pay for services first?

Yes, you would pay Continuum Physical Therapy for any services performed if your insurance is not in-network with us. The superbill we provide you to submit to your insurance will state that you have paid for the services in full and request the insurance provider provide payment directly to you. Please note, the amount reimbused for services is dependent on your insurance provider so please contact your specific plan to learn more.  

How much are your sessions for private pay patients?

Our sessions are $225 for a physical therapy evaluation (60-minute session) and then $125 per treatment session (30-45 minute session). Once you have participated in an evaluation or session you will be able to access and submit your superbill to your insurance provider. 

Can I use my Health Saving's Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Funds towards physical therapy? 

Yes, you are welcome to utilize your HSA or Flex Spending Funds for physical therapy services whether we are in-network or out-of-network. 

Does Medicare need a referral for treatment?

No, Medicare does not require you to have a referral to begin physical therapy services. We will submit paperwork to your primary care provider for signature, as required for Medicare insurance plans. 

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)

How long does myofunctional therapy treatment take?

Comprehensive OMT for Adolescents/Adults: 10-15 visits or 6-9 months of treatment, on average

Mini Myo and Me OMT for Children: 1-2 visits or 1 month of treatment, on average. 

Sessions are 30 minutes in length. 

Please note, this is dependent upon your specific needs and one's compliance and progression with the program(s). 

How much does OMT cost?

Our comprehensive evaluations are $225 per person (60-minute session). Each additional follow-up visit is $125 per person (30-minute session). 

Can I use my Health Saving's Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Funds towards myofunctional therapy? 

Yes, you are welcome to utilize your HSA or Flex Spending Funds for OMT evaluation and treatment. 

How often are myofunctional appointments? 

We have three phases of treatment with our first phase appointments being performed 1x/week, second phase appointments being performed 1x bi-weekly, and our third phase appointments being performed 1x monthly. Please note, if you are scheduled to have a frenectomy then an additional appointment may be indicated the week of your release for post-op exercises. 

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions can either take place in our office in Broomfield, CO or within the comfort of your own home via Google Meets or Zoom (Healthcare HIPPA compliant account). 

I am told I might have a tongue tie. Does this impact treatment? 

We will be able to formally assess the tongue and/or lip to see if any restriction may be present and if any outside treatment may be indicated. We collaborate with specialists as needed such as those who perform oral surgery for lip or tongue ties (frenectomy), sleep specialists, ENT's, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and more. 

How many visits are needed prior to getting a frenectomy? 

We suggest 5 weeks of OMT prior to your release to prepare the muscles for the procedure and allow for better outcomes. 

How soon after a frenectomy can I resume myofunctional therapy? 

We can resume myofunctional therapy treatment the same day of your release. We make sure to give you appropriate post-operative exercises to properly stretch the tissues and aid in healing. 

Is myofunctional therapy covered by insurance? 

Most of the time services are not reimbursable, however some plans may apply the cost towards your out-of-network deductible or pay a small portion. If you have further questions please contact us directly to learn more. 

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