What We Treat

Continuum Physical Therapy providers have experience treating various conditions and impairements, focusing on your treatment goals and managing any additional health factors. We focus on healthy movement patterns through a variety of methods and techniques to relieve your pain and improve your function. Contact us to learn more on how we can help you! 

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Open Mouth Rest Posture

Abnormal Functional Breathing Patterns (Mouth Breathing)

Low Resting Tongue Posture 

Tongue Thrust

Tongue / Lip Tie 

Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ) 

Facial Muscle Dysfunction

Chronic Neck Pain

Forward Head Posture


Sleep Disorders and Snoring

Bruxism / Clenching / Grinding Teeth 


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) focuses on treating the underlying dysfunction of the orofacial complex (tongue, mouth, lips, & throat) to re-educate and train the muscles, improve movement patterns, normalize function, and reduce/eliminate impairment.

Without remediation an individual can suffer from abnormal growth and development of the face leading to impaired breathing, poor postures, dental issues, digestive concerns, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, attention concerns, feeding issues, and chronic pain/headaches. Prevention with early intervention is key to prevent and resolve issues to improve your quality of life and well-being!

Generalized Pain

Neck/Cervical Pain

Back Pain & Spinal Stenosis


Shoulder/Elbow Pain

Hip/SI Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain


Pre/Post Surgical

Muscle Weakness

Body Mechanics Training

Physical Therapy services can evaluate and treat chronic and acute pain for all ages and activity levels. Pain mangement treatments may include manual therapy, postural re-education, therapeutic exercise supported by evidence-based research, and body mechanic training to promote proper movement patterns. 

Addressing the impairement early on can help individuals avoid movement compensations that risk negative effects to other areas of the body, resulting in reduced overall pain and improved movement patterns! 

Balance / Falls

Fall Risk Assessments

Fall Prevention

Balance Disorders / Instability

Assistive Device Assessments 

Assistive Device Fitting and Management

Posture Training

Physical Therapy services can evaluate and treat the root cause of the balance impairment in order to promote safety in all functional postures/positions and reduce fall risk. Fall risk increases as we age with the latest research showing more than one out of four people age 65 years and older having a fall each year. 

Properly screening, assessing, and interveening are the three core elements in reducing fall risk amoung healthy, older adults. We offer detailed screening tools to gather information on your fall risk and tailor treatments to your needs, while managing any comorbidities. Our providers are certified fall prevention specialists and certified geriatric care providers to provide you with the best resources and techniques to help you reduce your fall risk and/or fear of falling! 

Treatment Services Offered

Joint Assessment/Mobilization

Therapeutic Exercise


Massage Therapy

Pain Management

Flexibility/Range of Motion

Muscle Energy

Transfer Training

Fall Risk Assessment

Assistive Device Assessment

Balance Training

Ergonomics/Body Mechanics Training